Mowing lawns here in Florida isn’t for everybody. That’s why I built Country Green Landscaping and Lawn Services. I have been working around lawns for as long as I can remember. When I saw the opportunity to establish my own Lawn Service and Landscape business, I jumped on it and have been going strong ever since.

There are lots of people with an old truck and a lawn mower who jump into the business. But most of them don’t last very long. I have been in this business for over 10 years now, and I am to stay around for a long time.

At Country Green Landscaping and Lawn Services, we have people on our staff who actually know what they are doing. Our Lawn Services include cutting your grass at the proper height. Edging shrubs and bushes and pruning plants in order for them to thrive during he year.

We have different plans for every household, including one a month, or once a week, or every other week mowing, edging and trimming services for your yard.

For a fee we will plant your flowers and bulbs to keep your yard looking bright and cheery.  Our staff will never just mow your lawn and head out.  It is our goal to always leave you with a lawn that looks well cared for and healthy.

We know that every lawn we care for is our calling card. People see the name of our company on our trucks and if we leave your lawn looking beautiful week after week, there is a good chance other home owners will give us a call and want to engage our services. by the same token, if, when we are through working on your lawn, it does not look good, that will cause people to use someone else.

Country Green Landscaping and Lawn Service cares about your lawn and landscape. Give us a call, we can discuss a plan for making your lawn look good.

James Eilse

Country Green Landscape and Lawn services, Grant, Palm Bay and Sebastian Florida

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