patio pavers grant florida, sebastian florida, barefoot bay floridaWhen you purchased your home, the previous owner, or perhaps the builder, had installed concrete walkways. Those walkways are now cracking in different places and they are looking pretty tired. What should you replace them with?

There are a number of good options to choose from. My favorite is pavers. Why? Well, for one reason, they tend to last longer and look better than a big old slab of concrete. For another, should one paver crack or somehow get stained, then it’s a fairly simple proposition to simply replace that one paver.

Plus, you can create interesting patterns with pavers, which you can’t do with a concrete slab. You can use them around your pool deck, as a patio, out in the garden to create a destination seating area. Pavers  come in an assortment of finishes, sizes and styles, so at first glance, they are more versatile. When we use pavers, you can play with the design and customize the overall feel you want for your home.

Having said all of this, concrete has advantages as well.  As long as you aren’t considering a large slab of concrete, then , with the new techniques out today, I can pretty much make concrete look like anything but concrete. There are a wide variety of stamps and colors that are available,  and we can match any color scheme you might have in mind.

In general, the upfront costs for pavers will most likely be higher, but on the back-end, if you get a crack or a broken pavers its easier to replace than it would if you are dealing with concrete. The best thing to do is for us to get together and discuss what your ideas are and your budget, and we can figure out the best choice for you.

James Eisle


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