Here in Florida, the yard sizes can be quite large, and yet people don’t often spend time outside. Why is that? Some designers say it’s because there is nothing in the yard to draw people out of doors.

What are some things we as homeowners can do to make people want to come out into our back yards? Most designers say this, create a destination. Put in a water fountain, on a little paver landing area, with a couple of comfy chairs and some pretty plantings.

Or a fire pit area. Most of the year it’s pretty warm here at night, but in the early spring and late winter, it’s cool enough without being cold and a nice, warm fire can make things perfect.

It doesn’t have to be anything more than a special little herb garden area in the back yard. Perhaps some raised beds where herbs can be planted, with stepping stones leading to the herb beds.

If you are in the mood for something more elaborate, then perhaps a gazebo or a pergola, with some seating and a big fan could do the trick.

The ultimate back yard draw is a pool, or a pond. Those are really getting up there as far as the cost, so I am not certain these are for everyone.

But I think the perfect compromise could be a small area, with some hardscape, perhaps with a trellis and some honeysuckle, coupled with a few flower beds and a couple of comfy chairs, or a stone bench, could be the perfect solutions.

Should you want some pavers and a small patio, give us a call and we can get those installed for you.

If you aren’t certain just how you want things to look, you can head over to Houzz for some back yard ideas, or to BHG, or just ask us, we have ideas as well.

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Jame Eisle

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