lawn mowing service, Grant florida, lawn mowing service sebastian, floridaI grew up with a family farm and a healthy respect for nature. Anyone with a lawn mower and a truck can start a lawn service business, that’s true, but not everyone has the background and the knowledge I have. Take it from a lawn care and landscape professional who respects the Florida friendly principles laid out by the Florida Yards & Neighborhoods program.

Where to plant what types of plants, how to properly fertilize and water them, these are things your average guy or gal with a lawnmower doesn’t know. Want to plant flowers to attract certain types of wildlife while keeping other animals away? I know how to do that.

You may want certain flowers and shrubs planted in your yard and while I am respectful of your wishes, I will also let you know if that type of plant or shrub will fare well in that spot. Some plants need full sun, some need partial sun and others can only survive in the shade.

When you are designing a landscape plan, it really is important to study your yard. Take notice of the areas that are in full sun all day.  Which parts of the yard are sunny in the morning, but in the shade most of the afternoon.  Certain plants need more sunlight than others, while some plants will do well with only partial shade.

People who move here from other areas of the country are usually anxious to make their home feel welcoming. While that’s a good thing, attempting to replicate a landscape design with plants and grass which worked well in a different zone will almost always result in disaster. It’s expensive to purchase and plant, and when it doesn’t work out, it can be heartbreaking.

Please, before you start planting all of your favorite flowers and shrubs, give us a call, and we can help ensure you have a lovely yard for years to come.

James Eisle

Country Green Lawn and Landscape

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