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Country Green Online, Landscape and Lawn Services

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Country Green Online, Landscape and Lawn Services


When I run into people while I am out working or purchasing supplies for our lawn and landscape jobs, people notice my company name on my shirts and they will ask, “What is it that you do?”. Being a person who loves his work and isn’t one bit shy about sharing, I tell them.

First of all I brag a little and let them know that I own and operate Country Green Landscaping and Lawn. Then, I tell them about some of the things we do.  Our steady, year round business is in lawns. We install sod, shrubs and flowers and then we usually end up with a steady customer who wants us to come and take care of their yard.

Because yards don’t grow and thrive without water, we also help our customers with the maintenance or replacement of sprinkler heads. Sprinkler heads can wear out or get damaged by the mowers, so it’s important to keep them in good repair. We do that for our clients.

Yards look best when they are healthy and thriving so you can hire us to Fertilize your lawn and garden on a regular schedule. There are times of the year when you yard can look a little worse for the wear, but if you don’t know the ins and outs of your county’s fertilizer rules and regs, you can get yourself in trouble, AND you could hurt our local eco system. It’s best to call a pro.

Besides our basic lawn service plus yearly shrub and turf fertilizer, weed control in landscaped areas we can also be contracted to keep your  bushes trimmed monthly or  as needed.

I know that spring is when most people start thinking about lawn care, but I am here to tell you that winter is the best time to sit back, look around and notice things. What area of your yard looks a little shabby. Where could you use more color and warmth. If you are having trouble keeping certain plants alive, then perhaps we can help you find ones you will love, but they will also fare better in the Florida weather?

For all of your landscape and lawn service needs, consider Country Green Landscaping and Lawn Service if you live in Grant, Sebastian, or Palm Bay.

James Eisle

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