Our lawns here in Florida have a slightly different schedule than in some other parts of the country. They get hot in the summer, cool in the winter evenings and our soil here is very sandy. While we mow lawns here in Indian River and Brevard Counties each week in the summer time, during the cooler months of fall and winter, we mow less  frequently.

During the cooler weather, the grass isn’t growing as fast as it does and mowing too often during the cooler seasons can actually damage your lawn. But there are things you can do during the cooler months to spruce up your lawn and garden.

First, get all those weeds out of the way of your plants.  from Bob Villa’s Site: ” To start, plant densely and mulch freely around your flowerbeds to discourage uninvited weeds, but wage war on existing species when the soil is moist. While you can try to pull the weeds out by the roots, another simple solution is to cut them and let them wither. If they’re joining forces to form a thick mat, use a sharp shovel to slice the ground beneath them, then flip the weeds over to bury them. This will ensure your flowers’ safety and also nourish the soil when the weeds decompose.”

Next, look around and see where you could use more color and interest in your landscaping. Often times, we think, flowers in the front and patios in the back. But try to really think about how you use your yard.  If you find yourself stopping to chat with your neighbors after walking the dog, heading back from a walk, or just retrieving the mail, then perhaps it might be a nice idea to put a few pavers and a couple of comfy chairs on your front yard. There’s no rule saying we can’t enjoy our front yards and make them just as comfy as we do in our back yards.

James Esile

Landscaper, Lawn Services, Landscape designer


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