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Why landscape your home or business? I can share with you a couple of different reasons.

One: First impressions. When a client drives up to your building, do you want them to think “This is a company who values their space and will value mine as well”. A well designed and maintained landscape design can increase the curb appeal, as well as the market value of your property.

Two: Increases In Value. This is a visual world we are living in, and with each generation it gets more so. Unless you have a front yard with a cohesive landscape plan and some colorful flowers, your property is not going to be dressed to impress.

Country Green Landscape and Lawn Service has years of experience in designing and maintaining outdoor areas for clients from Palm Bay to Sebastian.

We have been called in by Realtors on both Commercial and Residential jobs in order to increase the curb appeal of properties. I can tell you with certainty that once we do, those properties, if listed at the right price, will sell faster than the ones not well groomed. Why? Because when they drove up to the property it was visually appealing and it looked well cared for. When a property doesn’t look like its been cared for, then people begin to wonder what could be wrong with the property and they look elsewhere.

The bottom line is this. Whatever your budget, we can do something to improve your curb appeal. Give us a call.


James Eisle




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